Dad Labeled a Pedophile for Photographing His Own Kid


cameraA dad who tried to snap a cute photo of his (fully-clothed) toddler at a mall is angry that a mall cop told him he couldn’t – because he might be a pedophile.

Mr. Mall Cop, repeat after me – anyone can be a pedophile, but taking a photograph of a fully-clothed child does . . . what?

Set aside, for a moment, that Kevin Geraghty-Shewan was the father of little Ben who just wanted to take a photo of the tot on a train in the mall. Even if he was some random weirdo, the photo of a child taken in a public setting gives that person nothing more than a lasting impression of something they’re able to see anyway.

Put in an even simpler way – if he’s going to get his jollies off on what a child looks like standing fully-clothed in the middle of a mall, he doesn’t need a camera.

The story made the BBC after Geraghty-Shewan says a cop showed up and started asking for his identification over the matter. The mall says it takes security very seriously.

Again – what’s the security issue with a photograph? Especially in Britain, a country known for its big brother cameras on every corner, the idea that a child might be caught in someone’s photo is less a security risk than it is a fact.

We walk around in public. We are caught on surveillance cameras for banks, stores, storage facilities. If you live in a tourist area, you’re caught on hundreds of vacation videos and snapshots. In major cities, you’re in the background of television broadcasts, even B roll for movies.

Don’t want your child photographed by a pedophile? Roll out the bubble, because it’s time to keep them inside for the rest of their lives.

Image: Shermeee, flickr

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