Dad Makes Snake Bite Daughter to Prove a Point

taipan, poison snake
A deadly taipan. Would you let one bite your kid?

In an effort to gain the trust of his shopping mall audience, snake handler Raymond Hoser brought his daughter in on the act. While moving around in a pit of taipan and death adder snakes that were just a few feet from the crowd, Hoser put the heads of two of the snakes to his 10-year-old’s forearm.

The snakes, doing their part, sank their fangs into her skin and left her bleeding from puncture wounds.

Hoser made a video of the snakes biting his daughter last month in an effort to exonerate himself from charges that he had endangered the public by bringing deadly poisonous snakes in such close contact with people. The so-called Snakeman wanted to prove that he had de-venomed the animals, which is why he turned them loose on his daughter.

A judge didn’t buy the argument and fined him $12,000 for the charges.

Hoser is director of reptile education for the company Snakebusters. If you’re thinking of booking him for a kids party, I’d recommend long sleeves.


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