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Dad Places Cannabis Oil In Son's Feeding Tube, Says It Saved His Life

By Danielle Sullivan |

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Dad in hospital with two-year-old son, Cash

Would you want your child to be given cannabis oil as a last resort to ease suffering? One Montana dad thinks it’s about time kids were allowed to be given medical marijuana in dire situations. He gave it to his own son without informing the child’s doctors, and he says it saved his life.

Two-year-old Cash was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor on his optic nerve back in 2010. Doctors immediately started an aggressive chemotherapy treatment which left the toddler’s body in poor condition. The little boy also suffered septic shock, a stroke and internal hemorrhaging. He was intensely nauseous and vomited ten times per day. He soon needed a feeding tube.

According to the NY Daily News, Cash’s dad, Mike Hyde, 27 became desperate and after the feeding tube was placed, as a last resort, he boiled up marijuana leaves and mixed them with olive oil. He then put a bit of the concoction into his son’s feeding tube in very small doses, hoping that it would alleviate the vomiting and help little Cash eat again. Hyde says it worked:

Not only was it helpful, it was a godsend. When he started the chemo, he was so sick. For the first six weeks, he was blind…It’s the nastiest thing to see someone you love go through this. In two weeks he was weaned off all the nausea drugs, and he was eating again and sitting up in and laughing.

When Hyde filled in the doctors after Cash had recovered, they said they were surprised and thought that he should have been truthful with them up front. A pediatrician who spoke to ABC News about this story believes that the practice was not only risky but doesn’t believe that medical marijuana would help cure cancer:

I think that the fact that he didn’t have the rapport and ability to be honest with the doctor is very troubling,” Dr. Linda Granowetter, a pediatrics professor at NYU, told ABC. It’s awfully hard to gauge if a child would have a bad reaction,” she added. Granowetter said the idea that pot can cure cancer is “ludicrous.”

To Hyde’s defense, he never claimed that it did cure cancer; he simply said he wanted to help alleviate his son’s nausea and help him eat again, which he believes it did. He says he didn’t tell doctors because the hospital where the boy was being treated was in Utah, where the practice is illegal. Hyde lives in Montana where he himself was prescribed medical marijuana to treat his attention deficit disorder. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 16 states. It is commonly used to treat nausea associated with cancer treatments, as well as glaucoma and other stomach illnesses, but it has not been tested on children.

Although doctors called the recovery “miraculous,” they also warned the family that there was a 50-80 percent chance that Cash’s cancer would come back.

Do you think medical marijuana should be tested on children? Do you think Hyde did what any desperate parent would have done? Or was his decision to not consult doctors and give his son marijuana oil dangerous?

Image: ABC News

Source: NY Daily News

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28 thoughts on “Dad Places Cannabis Oil In Son's Feeding Tube, Says It Saved His Life

  1. Katy E says:

    As a pediatric oncology nurse (who has also worked with adult oncology patients) , I absolutely do believe that we are missing a crucial part of treatment by ignoring the incredibly helpful effects of marijuana in offsetting the horrible side effects of chemotherapy in pediatric patients.
    In adult cancer patients, it is very common for them to be prescribed Marinol, which is a synthetic THC, in order to increase appetite and help with chemo-induced nausea(and it is, in fact, very effective for most patients). I don’t think I’ve ever administered it to a patient younger than 16.
    In addition, pediatric patients are given much stronger chemotherapy regimens than adult oncology patients since children typically can tolerate it better (and parents just want their babies to be free of the evil of cancer as quickly and as surely as possible). Just because the pediatric cancer population can “handle” stronger chemos, doesn’t mean they should be forced to suffer the detrimental consequences. At the very least, marinol should be tested with pediatric patients if medicinal marijuana is not.

  2. O. B. Server says:

    How dare he! How dare that man disobey the dictates of doctors: which, as we all know from Romans 13, is the same is disobeying government (as doctors get government paychecks and exist at the good pleasure of government via licenses). He who disobeys government doctors disobeys God So I don’t care if some potheads think this or that. We must obey. Obey government. Obey. Obey! Obedience is goodness; anyone who disobeys any law or any doctors is therefore bad. Bad like a terrorist: bad like Bin Laden. Obey, obey! Let’s wipe out such disobedience to our God, – Our God, which is the Government. Amen, brethren!

  3. renee says:

    Katy, I’m really interested to hear about Marinol. I’ve often wondered why, if THC is an effective drug, some drug company doesn’t just extract or synthesize it, put it in a nasal spray, and sell it at Walgreens, rather than this ridiculous distribution system (have you ever seen those medical marijuana centers in California? Really skeevy.) But if this exists, why is “medical marijuana” necessary (or are those laws just backdoor efforts at legalization)?

  4. Katy E says:

    Renee, some claim that marinol is not as effective as the real deal but others claim that it works quite well. Marinol is a controlled substance (class III drug) which is why it isn’t sold over the counter. It’s also quite an expensive process to synthesize THC and produce marinol.

    I don’t live in a state with medical marijuana centers so I can’t speak for the heebie-geebie factor. While I do see the great many medicinal benefits of marijuana and how important they are, I also feel like the whole Medical Marijuana Movement may be, like you said, just another way to promote legalization (The father of this patient is using medical marijuana to treat ADHD? PLEASE! How about a gym membership?!?! That works MUCH better) However, I’m not sure how well the drug dealers would take to overall legalization of marijuana. I come from an area where counties are “dry” because moonshiners don’t want the competition and pay off the legislatures so… there’s that.

  5. renee says:

    Thanks, Katy. I didn’t mean that it would be available OTC, just that a regular pharmacy could sell it like any other prescription drug. When people are in severe pain, we give them legal, controlled (although not very well-controlled) opiates; we don’t tell them to go out and score some medical heroin.

  6. LogicalMama says:

    FYI- Marinol is the only form of marijuana that is toxic. Why mess with Mother Nature, actually. The benefit of the medical marijuana industry is that we’ve given skilled cultivators the opportunity to grow strains of the plant that focus on specific symptoms for patients.
    Also, it doesn’t have to be smoked so that alleviates the concerns over smoking medicine. It can be vaporized as well as eaten in many forms. And when a patient researches the types and gets the strain that they need, it can be a miracle for them in aiding them with symptoms.
    Not all medical marijuana clinics are “skeevy.” And as for prescription painkillers? Well, that is the leading cause of drug addiction right now. People seem to think that if the doctor prescribed it, it must be okay. And then another reality is that while heroine is horrible, methadone and morphine are far more addicting and physically destructive!
    I praise Katy E and other nurses and doctors out there that speak their minds on the benefits of medical marijuana. They have the experience of seeing the prescription meds and that they can be very ineffective as well as, sometimes harmful to the patient.

  7. Katy E says:

    As for opiates, they are frightening and had been over-prescribed by over-worked docs who were interested in treating the symptoms and not discovering/treating the source. Nurses are taught plenty of non-medicinal ways to treat pain (heat/cold/massage/distraction etc) as well as ways to keep temporary pain(such as post-operative pain) under control by alternating nsaids and safely calculating how much extra tylenol a patient can safely take with their percocet or lortab. This helps lessen the need for narcotics and lessen the risk of dependency… but when your a patient who comes into the doctor’s office for back pain, it’s easier/quicker for the doc to write you a prescription than it is to take the time to listen/discover/order the right test/teach the patient how to treat the cause of the problem in the 8 minutes that the doc is alloted for each patient. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  8. Meagan says:

    Who knows if it actually had anything to do with his son getting better, but I don’t blame the dad for trying it. Generally I think hiding anything from your doctor is a terrible idea, but this doctor sounds like a complete idiot. Whther or not th pot juice worked, I’d say switching to a doctor who understands.the difference between trying to ease nausia and “I cured cancer!” would be a.good move.

  9. LogicalMama says:

    I want Katy E as my nurse should the need ever arise!!!!!

  10. MsFortune says:

    I think not sharing pertinent information with your doctor (or kid’s doctor) is dangerous. Drugs can have dangerous interactions.

    In general, self-help medicine is not a good idea.

  11. candice says:

    wow im surprised no one commented on the 2nd nut case who commented anyways i say leave the guy alone he obviously helped his son those uneducated ppl who talk so much smack about marijuana usually have no idea what they are talking about it has been proven over and over and over again to have many many many benifits

  12. Amanda says:

    I don’t know how comfortable I would be giving my son Cannabis right now, as a healthy infant. However, because of all of the research I’ve done into it, if he had cancer and was suffering I don’t see how there is anything better than this plant for healing cancer.
    And the people who say it has no medicinal value? I understand these people are doctors but just because you go to school for 10 years doesn’t mean you know everything about medicine. Most doctors learn basic things, or specific things for their practice, but never learn anything beyond that.
    There is research, proven scientific methods, that show cannabis DOES CURE cancer.
    He’s a good father for listening to his instincts and doing what he thought was right for his son. He probably did save his son’s life.

  13. Rachel L Rondina says:

    I am simply amazed at the ignorance of the general population when it comes to facts on cannabis. Why do people want to listen to lies instead of learning true facts. Our government is fighting a stupid war against a harmless plant and has filled the mind of Joe and Jane America with so many lies, it is sickening. Concrete fact is, Marijuana is completely harmless. More so, Cannabis has the capability to alleviate, even cure several diseases, including cancer. If you do not believe this, please do not be a sheep and listen to the lies told by our government. Go online, read the facts, read books. Find out the truth. it will astound you. It will make you angry to see what is happening in this world. We are all getting screwed out of the best natural medicine God provided to us and we all just sit back and let it happen.

    Also, I think nutcase poster #2 was being facetious.

  14. Larry D., Canada says:

    hey you can relax your sphincter muscles because the “nutcase” #2 commenter gets it and was just trying to be sarcastic

  15. Jojo says:

    I think I would do anything in my power as well, but he should of been honest to the Dr. They need to start researching marijuana and start using it with a right safe dosage for a child, all of these poor kids are suffering a lot of pain and nausea. Need to start soon!!! Something has got to change quickly!!!!!

  16. Kesia says:

    I do believe he should have consulted the doctor beforehand. Although, I have to ask the question: if it was anything else would people be freaking out as much about it? Another question has anybody done any studies on what actually kills a child with cancer. Is it the chemo ( since it is such a harsh kind of chemo that is given to children) or is it the cancer itself?

    The second person who commented on this needs to read the article. Obviously, If that person was in the situation this guy was in, I am sure that she/ he would have just let their kid suffer and die. My daughter has HLHS ( a very serious heart condition). I know that at any point in time her heart could just stop working, but if my daughter was suffering from bad nausea and was not eating and was dying from lack of nutrients or starvation, it would be a lot harder to watch that happen then if her heart just stopped without warning. Nobody should have to suffer especially when there is something that could possibly make it better.

    Referring to this guy as a terrorist is just ridiculous. A terrorist is someone who causes terror or fear. Not someone who gives his son something that made him feel better. I wonder how you would feel suffering and no one would give you a drug that would make it so you werent suffering anymore. It’s like saying that faith healing works. I am sorry but not all things are cured just by praying. If I would have relied on the power of prayer by itself instead of relying on both prayer and modern medicine, my daughter would be dead! Call me a bad mom all you want, but if my daughter ends up getting to a point that she is throwing up and dying from not eating, I would use this as a way to help her. I would tell the docs first to let them know, but I don’t care what they said I would do it anyway!!!

  17. Hellen says:

    Way to trust your gut dad!!

  18. betz says:

    they are so many rare treatment and unusual food/drugs that can cure many disease but are not really known to the other part of the world.

    He’s a good parent. And a desperate one. I would try anything too, if I were put in his place. What else has he got to lose?

  19. amanda says:

    What a nutcase up there. The only reason weed is illegal is because Uncle Sam cant tax it. Alcohol is legal, yet people get DUIs all the time. Do you ever hear of someone wrecking from weed? I think not. Hell it was the same way during prohibition, the government found a way to tax moonshine and it miraculously became legal, and also if we legalized weed, big pharmaceutical companies couldnt keep stuffing chemicals and garbage down people’s throats. They rake in billions a year and guess who reaps the benefits of the taxes? Back to Uncle Sam! The bottom line is money, and the pharm companies cant manage to find a cure but they can get drugs to treat stuff. People being sick is a multi-billion dollar industry and legalized such an amazing drug would step on too many corporate toes

  20. Mary says:

    Under the dire circumstances, I really can’t blame the father for trying something. FWIU, Marijuana has good results with adult chemo patients, why not children? Most Doctors in conventional medicine are so closed-minded to and ignorant of alternative medicine anyway. Just look at the doctor quoted in the article: she thought the father was trying to cure the cancer with the MJ. That, combined with the fact his son was being treated in a state without legalized medical MJ, I’m sure the father realized any effort to convince the doctors to try the MJ therapy woul almost certainly be futile.

  21. Rebecca says:

    I would like to see the medical community study the uses and effects of medical marijuana on children. It may be better for my than all the other Meds he is on for his ADHD and ODD.

  22. Alicia says:

    I think the dad made the right move. I don’t think the marijuana had anything to stopping the cancer (though I know I could be wrong), but the simple fact his son was able to relax a little and eat while keeping the food down no doubt helped the baby’s body fight back. The poor kid’s body was probably flooded with stress hormones on top of the chemo and the cancer, and it’s proven that those stress hormones lower our immune system. Add to the fact that we need energy to maintain a strong immune system, and the poor baby’s immune system was hit triple hard, no doubt making it extremely hard to fight and kill the cancer cells. Then the baby was given a means of relaxing, dealing with his pain, and getting enough nutrition and voila! An immune system that’s stronger than it was! It really gets to me how little our research into the medical benefits of marijuana are, and I hope this case, with others, will push for more studies. And I hope this little guy stays cancer free for the rest of a long life.

  23. Karen S. says:

    Good job dad. I am not a supporter of “potheads” but I truely believe that when used medically it is effective, and also think that it doesn’t only help adults but can help children too. It needs to be tested so the correct doses can be found for children. canibus is an herb and herbs heal! I work in the medical field and have seen the results of inaffective medicine and affective medicine alike, and I believe that if it works then use it!!!

  24. lilsunshine says:

    Way to go dad I knw I would have done the same thing for any one of my children or family members. And as for the government need to stop fighting a war against drugs and see the benefits of it and stop lying to the world cause I’ve never heard of anyone oding on marijuana. Come judgment day God is going to ask why did so many people die from being sick and I gave you a natural medicine right here but didn’t use it because of the bad that has been said about it. Something needs to be done just because you go to medical school and learn about all the toxic man made medicine that makes billions a yr why not try learning about the natural medicine that was here way before these money gubbing pharmaceuticals were and were the only form of medicine.

  25. annie says:

    I think he did what any parent desperate to end his child’s suffering would do. It’s just marijuana. I had to watch my mom die from cancer and marijuana was the thing that eased her suffering the most. I’m almost positive that if it had had a detrimental side effect he would have ceased giving it to him.

  26. Roadrunnermike says:

    Way to Go Dad!! Anyone in their right mind would do anything to save their their Child,, except the second comment nutjob,,,God is Government? You bettwer get Your priorities straight,., You Moron! You must Love Benny Hinn….

  27. sadie says:

    people need to remember that smoking pot has never killed anyone. it’s impossible to overdose from it. and yet drinking is legal. and tobacco. yes, none of them are legal for kids, but plenty of people have given their children a rub of whiskey on their gums while teething, or benadryl to go to sleep on an airplane, this is no different. pot cures nausea. and the inability to eat. and plenty of other things. but the drug companies convince narrow minded americans that pot is evil, not because it is but because it would be hard to make money off of it. you can grow pot. you can’t grow prescription pills. so don’t be fooled.

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