Dad Realizes His Heroin Is Gone, Goes to Son's School to Pick It Up

boy brings heroin to school
Santos Roman

This is a fun one! You know how kids like to sometimes wear their parent’s jackets? And how cute it is seeing a 5-year-old show up to kindergarten in a 35-year-old man’s coat? (Just go with me here, it gets weirder.) And how uncomfortable things get when that 5-year-old pulls 50 packets of heroin out of the coat pockets? Then there’s that awkward moment when your step-dad shows up at school to retrieve his heroin and gets arrested.

Yeah, that. It happened this week in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

“35-year-old Santos Roman went to the Barnum School on Monday to retrieve the drugs and found police waiting for him,” Yahoo reports. “He was detained on $100,000 bail on risk of injury to a minor and drug charges,” they added. The boy was placed in state custody Monday; it’s unclear who is caring for him now. Poor kid.

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