Dad Slapped in Starbucks Over Crying Baby


smackdownAs parents, we’ve more than likely been on both sides of the screaming-baby-in-a-public-place situation — and as irritating as the earsplitting screeching is when it’s not your kid, it’s equally as mortifying when it is. So most of us cut people some slack.

Which is why this story from the Brooklyn Heights Blog via Consumerist is particularly maddening, if it’s true. An eyewitness reported to the blog that he was outside a local Starbucks when he heard a man telling a woman just transpired. The man, who was pushing his baby in a stroller, was ordering a drink when the baby started to cry. Given that caffiene is about as indispensable to the parenting of young children as car seats, he opted to wait for the drink he’d ordered and paid for instead of taking the baby outside.

When guy number two — oh, let’s just call him Nimrod — took umbrage with the baby acting like, you know, a baby, he complained to the dad. Dad refused to leave without the drink he’d already paid for, so the stranger slapped him on the back of the head.

Let’s say that again: Slapped him. On the back of the head.

With that, the dad and Nimrod took it outside, and dad managed not to smack Nimrod right back.

Which leaves the only possible question: What in the sweet fancy Moses is wrong with people?