Dad Smashes Window to Get Daughter Left Behind in Locked Daycare (Video)

Dude, where's my daughter?!

Yeah, I’m not kidding. Another daycare horror story.

A Massachusetts dad says he smashed the window of a day care center to rescue his 3-year-old who’d been locked inside after staffers left for the day.

As Huffington Post reports, Keith Paquette arrived at the Westport Country Day School a few minutes after five but found all the doors locked.

Paquette called his wife who then called a teacher who returned to the facility. They could hear Paquette’s daughter, Samantha Jo, crying inside the building.

Paquette busted a window and climbed in to get his daughter.

School officials told police they did a sweep of the building before leaving, and that Samantha Jo had been checked off on a list indicating she’d been picked up.

Police and state child welfare officials are investigating, and, needless to say, the Paquettes say they’ve found a new preschool. You can watch their story in the news report below.

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