Dad Takes Mom to Court Over Skipped Shot


vaccine2A mother’s decision not to give her child the swine flu shot has landed her in court. But it isn’t the government sending her there. It’s the child’s father.

Neither of the parents are being named to protect the identify of their nine-year-old daughter, but the Telegraph reported Dad wants his daughter to get the shot.

His ex-wife, however, says she doesn’t think there’s enough of a risk to their daughter if she gets the disease, and she’s decidedly anti-vaccine.

So what’s a court to do?

When dad’s argument is listen to the medical authorities and he’s saying mom’s is “I read it on the Internet,” we’re willing to bet it will be a toughy. But the court needs to figure out if the parents are really fighting about the shot or just using their kid as a pawn in their reportedly acrimonious divorce. Two years after splitting up, they’re still at it – fighting over a pre-nup in British courts.

And now their fighting could make for a major legal precedent in Britain – should medical doctor’s recommendations get the final say or should parents’ guts hold sway?

Image: alvi2047 via flickr

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