Dad Waterboards His Four-Year-Old Daughter For Not Knowing Her ABCs


waterboarding4Talk about a punishment NOT fitting the crime.  U.S Army soldier Joshua Tabor, 27, admitted to submerging his little girl’s face under water because she couldn’t recite the alphabet. That’s right — the little 4 year old was subjected to CIA torture methods (so egregious they’ve been  banned by the Obama administration!)  because she failed to live up to her dad’s academic expectations.  We’ve all had our moments of frustration with our kids — and many parents cross the line.  But waterboarding? 

What makes this even worse  is the fact that Tabor was recently awarded custody of his daughter and that he chose waterboarding because he knew his daughter had an overwhelming fear of water.   The former would suggest that a judge felt Tabor was deserving of paternal responsibility; the latter would prove that he’s either suffering from severe post-traumatic-stress syndrome or he’s a ruthless sadist.  We don’t want to rush to judgement (tempting as it maybe) so we’ll reserve further comment until the story unfolds and more will be revealed.

Needless to say, Tabor has been charged with assault and ordered to stay on his base without contact with his daughter or his girlfriend.  His daughter – clearly with a long road of therapy ahead of her – has been whisked off to safety, but sources say she’s not with her natural mother who lives in Kansas.


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