Dads Respond To Low Testosterone Findings

How do Dads feel about having less testosterone?

Last week, dads had to deal with the news that having a kid drastically lowers your testosterone levels. For dads with newborns at home, the drop can be as much as fifty percent. That’s a whole lot less hormone coursing through the veins.

How do guys feel about this? A dude from the New York Times asked a bunch of dads how they were taking the news that their bodies actually become less manly when they take care of kids. Reactions to the study are decidedly mixed. Some men feel the need to defend their manliness, while others see it as a good sign.

Some guys seemed to feel relieved that there’s a biological explanation for how tired, turned off, and domestic they feel after they have a baby. Others were defensive about their parenting not interfereing with other more masculine pursuits (whatever those might be).

Dads don’t really need to worry, though. As the NYT points out in this story, having a lower testosterone level doesn’t really make you less of a man:

That, in fact, was a point that the study’s authors emphasized: a dip in testosterone does not mean a man is less virile. Rather, it seems to be nature’s way of slightly adjusting impulses, to make him less likely to stray once he has a family to look after, and more likely to focus on the tasks at hand. (The much-deliberated relationship of testosterone to “manly” behavior became a raucous side debate in the days after the study’s release.)

Are you worried about your toddlers lowering your testosterone?

Photo: GerryT