Daily Sex Really Could Make a Baby


spermdonorProving once again that there’s never too much of a good thing, scientists have given the go-ahead to have as much sex as you want. Even if you’re not planning a baby right now, word has it daily sex (yes, we said daily) is good for sperm motility.

The study out of Australia indicates would-be parents should track a woman’s ovulation, but instead of waiting UNTIL she ovulates to start practicing, they should get cracking a week in advance. Seven straight days of ejaculation improved sperm quality for four-fifths of the men in the study.

Although one fifth of the men actually saw their sperm quality drop off, the bigger number saw a hike both in the “quality” of their swimmers and how well they swam (key to actually making it TOO the egg for fertilization):

The moral of the story? Practice does indeed make perfect.

Image: eHow

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