Dancing at Auschwitz and More


An 89-year-old Holocaust survivor returns to Auschwitz and dances with his daughter and grandchildren to “I Will Survive.”  Some people are appalled, others are applauding his ability to celebrate life and survival with his family.  How do you feel about the video? — Blogher

It’s hot!  Lay down on the couch in front of the air conditioner and try some of these tricks for entertaining your kids without moving.  — MOMformation

Yesterday, we talked about what to pack in your hospital birth bag.  Today, here are six things to do in your last weeks of pregnancy that will improve your both your physical and emotional health. — Simple Mom

Jobs are hard enough to find these days, and walking in with a seven and a half month bump doesn’t typically help.  If you’re pregnant and job hunting, check out this post at The Stir:  How to get a job while pregnant.

Tired of reading the same bedtime books over and over again?  Check out One Potato — a blog for rediscovering old children’s books.  So many favorites are on here, I’m not sure they can be called “forgotten,” but it’s still a great place to go for inspiration.  My two childhood favorites are The Little House and The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes.  What are yours? — Jezebel

Photo:  Sam Pullara, Flickr

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