Dancing Twin Boys "Just Dance" Videos Go Viral, Land Spot in Wii Commercial

Dancing twins Just Dance videos
Dancing twins' Just Dance videos go viral!

It’s cute … times two!

These kids have got some serious dance moves twins Justin and Jeremy’s YouTube videos, showing the tiny guys busting a move to Wii’s Just Dance game, have gone viral and earned the boys some advertising air time.

There’s no shortage of kid dancing videos on YouTube, but these little guys nail the dance moves of Just Dance with perfect synchronized precision.

The videos have gotten them plenty of attention too, as Justin and Jeremy are seen in commercials for Just Dance!

Not too bad, considering they’re just having fun at home!

Check out videos of twins Justin and Jeremy dancing to “Hey Ya,” “Pump It” and “Party Rock Anthem” below.

I’ve danced to a lot of songs on all three versions of Just Dance, and it’s not easy you’ve got to give these little dudes credit!



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