Afternoon Roundup: Worst Playgrounds Ever, Amazing Vid from Danielle Staub and More


Anyone over the age of 30 surely remembers climbing on dangerous playground equipment as a kid.  There were screws sticking out of rusty metal slides and standalone monkey bars without the benefit of textured grip and cushy padding below.  But even modern playgrounds with expensive price tags can be poorly designed, as evidenced by this humorous slideshow of “The Worst Playground Fails of All Time.”  HUFFINGTON POST

There’s nothing worse than getting parenting advice from someone who doesn’t have children.  Unless it’s totally ridiculous, really hilarious advice meant not to be taken seriously, as in Chris Bucholz’s “10 Tips for Raising the Child You Really Shouldn’t Have Had.”  CRACKED 

Kevin Zimmerman wonders whether or not Madonna’s 13-year-old daughter Lourdes is hitting the bong, based on a recent addition to her wardrobe: a wristband striped in Rastafarian colors with an image of a leaf on it.  I wouldn’t take teenage fashion too seriously.  After all, most kids wearing Che t-shirts probably haven’t even seen The Motorcycle Diaries.  GATHER

Watch this now and thank me later.  Real NJ Housewife and Mom Danielle Staub performing the title track off her album Real Close on WPIX 11 – live.  This is delicious: