Dark Knight Mashup 'The Lion King Rises' (Video)

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The Lion King Rises

In spite of the horrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado, The Dark Knight Rises has topped the box office two weekends in a row. Overall, however, movie ticket sales are down 25% compared to the same weekend last summer. According to Reuters, “Warner Bros. officials declined to discuss box office and its relation to the shooting for the second week, but industry watchers said the turnout for the Batman film and other movies likely suffered from some moviegoer reluctance after the massacre, as well as Friday’s start to the London Olympics.”

I have no interest in seeing The Dark Knight Rises, and I didn’t see The Dark Knight, either. I used to love summer superhero blockbusters, but they’ve just become too gritty and violent. I do love The Lion King, though (like Cats – now and forever!), so when I saw this mashup of audio from The Dark Knight Rises trailer with animation from The Lion King, I was tickled. It’s really well done. Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan called it “pretty epic.” Take a look: