Darned E. Coli Means Cookie Shortage Looming


toll-house-cookieParents, start your mixers – you’re about to go old-school with all that cookie baking. E. coli found in pre-made Toll House dough at a Nestle factory is being blamed for a possible cookie shortage this year.

The dough never left the factory – according to USA Today reports – so your kids are safe. But in light of the major recall last year and several dozen sick people, the folks at Nestle are shutting down production to start over.

The brief interlude is supposed to help Nestle – which opted out on the purchase of British candy company Cadbury – finally pinpoint the source of the e. coli and get it out of your kids’ cookies.

More than half of the people who came down with symptoms from the outbreak last summer were under age nineteen, and kids are more likely to develop serious complications from ingesting e. coli.

Of course making your own has far more advantages than that few minutes you save pulling a tube out of the fridge. You can’t make these treats with what you get in the refrigerated section. If you’re worried about what to make, check out Nibblers for more cookie ideas.

Image: I love my cookie via flickr

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