Date Night Movies: "The Boys Are Back"


One_Sheet_Mech_TemplateWhat exactly do you think would happen to your family if you suddenly started saying “yes” to everything? Images of wild teens stumbling home at 3 a.m. come to mind, along with portraits of a house in shambles and weary parents shaking their heads in shame. “What have we done?”

Kids need boundaries, rules. That’s what everyone says. So I admit I’m looking forward to seeing this new Clive Owen movie — based on the memoir of political commentator Simon Carr. He loses his wife to cancer and suddenly is alone with his two boys. After a few attempts at discipline, he throws in the towel and just starts saying “yes” to a lot of things.

Based on a true story, Carr spelled out his rules in a story over at the Huffington Post: 

“That was a decisive moment for the “Just Say Yes” strategy. Young children in their natural state can be such a nuisance because everything they want to do is outside the norm. Many of the reasons we come up with for — say — riding their bikes in the house are spurious. The way of saying No becomes a habit.”

His kids are in college now. He says everything is just dandy — that he and his kids made it. And kudos to them all.

But I wonder, how much yes is too much?