David After Dentist Gets Revenge On Dad


david-after-dentistA kid looking stoned after a trip to the dentist may have been the top meme of 2009, but David After Dentist is looking to exact his revenge in 2010.

Comedian Daniel Tosh tracked down a David off the meds and helped him get back at his dad.

Slated for the season premiere of Tosh.0, his weekly Internet series on, Tosh helps David knock Dad out with laughing gas, draw on his face and drag him around the backyard.

David After Dentist was controversial with some parents accusing Dad David DeVore, the Orlando real estate agent who taped his drugged up kid and posted it on YouTube, of exploiting the boy and potentially scarring him for life. A Hot Topic tee designed around David didn’t help matters.

Was it about time David got some revenge or are you already on to the 2010 viral videos and done with David?

Image: David After Dentist blog


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