Day Care Sells Cocaine


Finding a good day care is so hard these days, you have to accept compromises. Maybe your kid’s day care is a little pricey, doesn’t stay open as late as you’d like, or maybe the day care sells cocaine.

An Arkansas couple was arrested for selling cocaine out of the same house where they operate a day care. Husband Timothy Boston got caught in a sting operation by police. Catching a whiff of the jig being up, Boston fled to Texas where he was arrested. His wife, Denise, was arrested at the couple’s home/child care center the same day.

A neighbor told reporters Timothy was a nice neighbor and even let him borrow his riding lawn mower once.

Why do people always assume drug dealers won’t make good neighbors? Just because a person sells illegal stimulants doesn’t mean they won’t watch your cat when you’re out of town. And chances are they put up one hell of a Christmas light display.

As to whether drug dealers make good child care providers, maybe not so much.


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