Day In The Life: Arianne Segerman from To Think Is To Create

The MomCrunch bloggers are each taking a week to share a day in our lives — not because we are epic navel-gazers (though we are) but because we value keeping things real. Lest you think anyone has it all together, reading Stacey, Cecily or Janice’s posts prove that we are hard workers, get little sleep, and most definitely are not perfect.

A day in my life today will look very different very soon, since as of this post I’m 41 weeks pregnant! Maybe an update will be needed once the baby comes, but for now here’s what a typical day looks like for me:

6am – I’ve been tossing and turning all night because I can.not.get.comfortable.  At least 2/3 of the children got up at least once during the night. The neighbors dogs that are giant and always just over the fence outside my window are barking. Again. I fantasize about having superhero powers that will remove their voice boxes (humanely, of course). I fall back asleep.

7am – I hear one of my three boys up and in the kitchen and pause to wonder if I need to get up. I hear a few sneezes and can tell it’s my middle boy and go back to sleep.

7:30am – One of my boys comes into my bedroom (where hubs and I are still sleeping) and asks us if we feel like making waffles. We both grunt no and child leaves, we drift back to sleep.

8:30am – I can’t ignore the siren call of the bathroom and must shuffle my way to relief. It’s time to really get up for reals.

9:00am – I’ve eaten breakfast and now it’s time to get to work. Hubs is the stay-at-home parent and I’m the work-at-home parent. Which means we both do most things, I try to get distraction free long enough to get work done, he does the kids homeschool lessons. We’re a circus of crazy chaos wrapped in a routine surrounded by a schedule. It works.

I spend the morning going slow, spending time with my family and just generally taking in life for an hour or two. Sometimes we take a walk down the street to the park, sometimes just sit and read news stories and laugh and rant about the decline of America. I have a ton of work on my plate for the day, but the mornings are quiet so the family gets my attention then. I know I’ll be pulled 5 different directions all day until bedtime, so I savor this time.

It’s now time to check deadlines, get my to do list at the ready and figure out what needs to be get done. On this day I first check in on the BlissDom Twitter and Facebook since I am the Community Manager, making sure there are no urgent questions or needs. I prep a post that will go live later that day on the BlissDom site.

Next I check my Lifetime Moms deadlines and see I have some time before articles and videos are due. I then login to Babble and peruse any comments that need attention and decide what I’ll be writing for the day. I write here at MomCrunch and also at the Being Pregnant blog (will be moving over to Baby’s First Year once this little one arrives!). I decide I need research for one post and motivation for another.

1:00pm – I have no idea where the time has gone but I know I’m starving. I’ve been interrupted roughly 3,425 times and yet somehow have managed to work on a few of the above jobs. I also have some independent features coming due and would like to really post a heart-gut post on my personal blog. The kids, hubs and I all get lunch. I eat mine at the computer. I spend some time planning the holiday guide that my business partner and I will be working on for my design/indie/passion project The Lovely Guide. I feel inspired and excited but I’m still not done for the day.

6:00pm – I have spent the day in a cycle of write/get inspiration/check email + reply/hop on conference calls/be on Twitter and Facebook/and be interrupted. It’s time to start dinner, hubs and I do this somewhat together, i.e me telling him how to cook while I’m still at the computer working.

7:30pm – Everyone has eaten and I close the laptop for now and we watch Iron Chef and the kids all take their vitamins and we wind down.

8:30pm – All kids are in bed, time for the grownups to have an actual grown-up meal. We eat, watch a little TV, vow to not open the computer again (we always do) and try to decompress.

12:00am – It’s late but feels like an eternity of a day has passed because a) I was scattered and b) I still didn’t go into labor! I’ve spent the last couple hours reading blogs and poetry and listened to new tunes to feed my artist soul. If I go to bed with work brain I can never calm it down!

1-2:00am – I finally agree it’s time to go to bed, even though I can’t turn off my brain. I go to bed wondering if labor is coming, and so grateful that my full time job is writing about my life, interacting with people online and inspiring others. I’ve worked hard to build this, yet I’m still amazed I get to do all of this!  I’m so lucky and blessed and fulfilled. It’s just. So. Awesome.

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