Dayna Kempson Schact Deserved More Dignity

First responders should rescue people
First responders should rescue people

Dayna Kempson Schact was only 23 when she died tragically in a car accident, leaving two children behind as well as her own loving parents. Now her parents are facing a fresh grief as video footage of their daughter’s grisly death has gone viral. The video was taken by one of the first responders at the scene, and was shared with other firefighters. Eventually it went viral and finally sent to her parents’ cell phones.

Famecrawler asks if this is a case of cyberbullying. Well, yes. These parents’ grief is being turned against them by anonymous trolls. That’s pretty much the core of cyberbullying: finding a vulnerable spot in someone’s life and taking shots at it from behind an anonymous screen.

The cowards doing it are weak and mean, but they’re also just acting out a base human impulse. Taking that video was the wrong thing to do, but I can see why a person would. We all want to push the buttons, to try things out, and to record our lives.

The same sick impulse that makes someone record a woman’s dying moments and turn them into a sick viral video also produces journalists gritty enough to take war photos like the famous shots of the My Lai massacre.

The difference is that mature individuals are able to channel our curiosity and impulses into productive, healthy activities. The kind that help people, rather than torturing grieving parents.

Photo: Adam Penziak

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