Dear 40-Year-Old Me: A Poignant Video of LGBT Teens Speaking to Their Future Selves

Dear 40-Year-Old Me
The video aims to make life better for LGBT youth now and in the future

If you thought you had a tough time in high school, think about what some kids who are also lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender go through. It’s rough out there for kids who are different. So rough, in fact, that news of gay kids taking their own lives because it’s sometimes so hard to be different has become way too common. And that has to stop.

There’s an organization — the Illinois Safe School Alliance — that’s trying to affect meaningful change in the lives of LGBT youth, and they recently released an intense video featuring members of their Youth Committee talking to their 40-year-old selves. It’s a video full of hope for their own futures, and for the kids who will follow in their footsteps. They talk about the cruel, heartbreaking and gut-wrenching stuff they’re going through now, and how they plan on looking back on it one day when they’re 40 from a much happier place because they will have worked hard to make life better for themselves, and all kids who are different.

Watch — and share — the video, and help make the future lives of these teens, as well as the lives of future LGBT teens better. Knowledge is power, and tolerance and compassion can be even more powerful:

Source: BuzzFeed

Photo & video credit: YouTube


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