Dear Hollywood: Do Not Reward Casey Anthony by Paying Her for Her Story

casey anthony, oj simpson
Do we really want to see another one of these? I hope not.

“It’s like OJ all over again.”  People can’t stop noting that Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson both appeared guilty of murder but ultimately got off scot-free.  Meredith wrote, “Not since OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman have I felt so sickened at the outcome of a trial.”  Jeanne Sager of The Stir writes, “Like the OJ case before it, Americans practically ate, drank, and slept the Anthony case, even going so far as to stream the trial coverage live on their iPhones throughout their day, never able to put it down.”

The question is: why?  Why are we obsessed with people like Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Bernie Madoff and even Anthony Weiner?  Because we’re disgusted with their sense of entitlement, their ability to lie and the fact that they remain – for the most part – unpunished in comparison to the severity of their crimes.  As a society, if our only recourse now is to shame and shun Casey Anthony, we need to make sure this (as a commenter on Babble’s Facebook page called her) “crazy bit**” does NOT get paid for the rights to her story.

My friend and media maven Hillary Buckholtz let me know there’s already a Facebook campaign to get Casey Anthony to host SNL.  It’s obviously a sick joke, but think about it – it’s not unlikely that execs at Lifetime or HBO are hoping to get movie rights to “The Casey Anthony Trial: Muddy Justice” or some horrible crap-bomb along those lines.  Let us not reward sociopaths for their ability to obfuscate the truth.  If Casey Anthony’s guilty verdicts today prove anything it is that at the very least she is a pathological liar.  Do we really want to see another, “If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened?”  I certainly don’t.  Let’s force this pathetic excuse for a human being underground so that her face never sees the light of day again.  Or as one angry commenter put it, “CASEY…. U MAY WALK FREE SOON……. HOWEVER THE RATH OF ALL THE AMERICAS U WILL FACE…….. WE HAVE NOOO SYMPATHY FOR U.”

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