Death of a Family Pet


Death of the family dog GrendelOne of the things not everyone knows about me is that I’m a bit of a mush. I’m a loudmouthed pain the tuchas, but I’m also susceptible to a sad story.

And the story of Grendel the family dog’s final days, my friends, is sad.

Scout’s Honor, who blogs about her brood at The United States of Motherhood, has been telling us about the gradual demise of Grendel. I’m a dog lover, but not a dog owner. I have a photo of two standard poodles in my office, and I refer to them as “these two dogs I used to know.” So while I don’t have a pet of my own (not worth it in a Manhattan apartment, and besides, the kids are messy enough), I guess I still have a soft spot for pooches.

Maybe you’ll think it’s a little much. Maybe my reaction is nuts. I mean, I don’t even know these people. But it got to me. What can I say?

But I mean, look at those photos. How can this not get you at least a little verklempt?