Defriend Day: Delete Your "Friends", Your Kids Will Thank You


I’m not going to lie.  Between the both of us, my husband and I log some serious time on Facebook.  I’ll take it a step further and say that yes, I’ve been on Facebook while my daughter tugs at my hand to come read her a story and I’m all “One second.  Just one more second.”

Facebook has sucked up so much of our time that we don’t even realize it anymore.  Your page gets cluttered up with “friends”, folks you would never want to keep in touch with were it not for the ease of Facebook.   Some of these people you’ve only met once or twice and for whatever reason, friend-requested them.

Today’s your chance to defriend, simplify, and spend more time with your kids.  The less “friends” you have the less time you’ll spend sucked into the void, you know?

Blame it on Defriend Day!

That ex-boyfriend who screwed you over whose friend request you later accepted because you wanted to be the bigger person?  CUT HIM FROM THE TEAM!

That annoying girl from high school who was never your friend but later friended you for reasons unknown to you?  DELETE!

Doesn’t that feel better?

Now, instead of checking Facebook for the twentieth time, go read your kid a story.  You’ll both feel better

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