Delaware Students Break World Record for Tallest LEGO Tower


tallest LEGO towerStudents of Red Clay Consolidated School District in Delaware broke the world record for the tallest LEGO tower this past week by building one that stood 112 feet. The previous world record was held by Prague’s 106-foot tower, according to HLN. Students from all over the district — along with teachers and parents — constructed sections of the tower on “build days” held at district schools. “After assembling their creation in front of John Dickinson High School, the kids had an 11-story tower made up of 500,000 LEGO bricks,” HLN reports. The tower was topped with a little red school house by superintendent Merv Daugherty.

In order to be qualified for the Guinness record, the tower had to be held together without any adhesives. It was stabilized with cables, however. HLN says, “Construction managers from Whiting-Turning donated their expertise, along with cranes and lifts to ensure that the tower would be erected safely.” Pretty amazing! And the intricate designs within the tower are great. To see more pictures of this sky-high project, visit the Red Clay Consolidated School District Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook

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