Demystifying Reddit


Do you use Reddit? Yes? No? If not, and you’re in the business of creating web content, you might want to start paying attention because it’s an amazing incubator of “the next big thing” on the internet.

All those memes you see? It’s highly likely that they all came from Reddit.

The way it works is that anyone can submit content to Reddit, and then users of the site vote the submission up or down; the more popular stories of course eventually float to the top of the site, meaning they land on the home page. If your content ends up on the home page? You can get amazing traffic.

But you can use Reddit as a well to sell your own stuff. Spam is heavily reviled, and Redditors will downvote anything that’s clearly too spammy. But when a site moves you or a post inspires you? Submit it and give some Reddit love to your friends (and be sure to read the Reddiquette while you’re at it). Want more info? Here’s a handy infographic to explain it all.

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