Dentist Sending Kids' Candy to the Middle East


candy-cornIt’s no surprise a dentist is advertising a cash for candy deal for Halloween. It’s what Dr. Allison Schwartz plans to do with all that loot that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

Schwartz told the Phoenix New Times she’ll give kids a dollar for every pound of Halloween candy handed in at her office. Then she’ll repackage it all and send it off to the Middle East.

No – she’s not trying to rot the teeth out of Iraqi kids’ mouths. She’s sending it to our troops.

So she wants to rot their mouths out? It’s actually a sweet concept – no pun intended – and worth it to get the kids involved. Now’s a good time to do it too – although temperatures skyrocket in the desert during the summer, and no serviceman or woman wants a melty Hershey’s bar, they experience a temperate fall and a cold winter.

Of course, the bloggers over in Phoenix might be on to something. They think the kids will eat the good stuff and save the nasty bits (black licorice anyone?) for the trade in program. Sounds like the good doc might have more of a cash for clunkers program going on than anything.

Image: Juushika Redgrave, via flickr

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