Design Sponge's Tips on Managing Facebook


One of my favorite style blogs did a post on how to effectively manage a Facebook community and I just had to share. The advice is simple, stellar, and a must read.

Design Sponge starts out by sharing these tips:

Provide Value

If you’re a non-profit community, this may not be as relevant, but you can still add value in your own way. For a business with a Facebook community, never just use it as a marketing portal. Remember that people do not like a sales pitch without being offered something of value first. How you add this value is entirely up to you, but make it part of what you do each and every day.

Remain Calm

Beware of trolls beneath bridges and also the trolls who lurk on every type of social networking platform. There will always be somebody on Facebook desperately trying to draw you into an argument, so avoid these at all costs. Even if a troll is knocking your community, entering into arguments with these people only provides them with more ammunition. Moderation is what comes into play here, as does maintaining the moral high ground.


Be sure to click over to read the rest of their advice!


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