Despicable Me, Best Places to Live 2010, and More


People magazine says it’s not nearly as good as Toy Story 3, but Despicable Me still managed to bring in $60 million this weekend. Have you and your kids watched it yet? — Daily Beast

Looking to relocate? CNN Money has complied a list small cities in their Best Places to Live 2010, including information on homes, schools, and job openings.

Working moms: It’s so hard to squeeze time in for yourself during the busy work/school week, but at Parents Ask Romy Schorr has some great time savers that will free up a precious few minutes for you to spend on yourself.

It’s wedding season. If your invite includes your kids, be sure to read these wedding etiquette tips first. Kids on the dance floor — cute. Kids on the dance floor during the cake cutting — annoying.

Unsolicited parenting advice is rarely welcome, especially when your baby is in the middle of a supermarket meltdown. But at Motherlode, Lisa Belkin wants to know if we’re overly sensitive about advice from other parents. Aren’t they just trying to be kind? I say no. Kindness is lending a supportive hand to help you get through the difficult moment, not judging your parenting style. What do you think?

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