Did Cindy Anthony Commit Perjury? How Far Would You Go to Protect Your Kids?

Did Cindy Anthony Perjure Herself to Save Her Daughter?

To carry out a guilty verdict, a jury needs to be convinced “without a shadow a doubt” that the person being persecuted did the crime in question. While countless people believe that Casey Anthony should have had the book thrown at her, she was —shockingly – acquitted. And her mom may have aided in casting some “shadows of doubt” with her testimony at the court proceedings.

But did Cindy Anthony perjure herself in order to try to save her daughter? Would you do the same?


The big piece of news that Cindy Anthony dropped while on the stand, was claiming that she looked up chloroform on the internet. Not her daughter. This has been seen as an attempt at poking holes in Casey Anthony’s perceived guilt.

But as ABC reported, “Cindy Anthony’s claim that she carried out the many chloroform searches occurred at a time when her time card as a nurse showed that she was working.” Cindy says she left work early on those days.  But it was confirmed that her computer at work was active at the time the chloroform  searches were made at her home. And it does seem to be a far-fetched story, especially when she said that she was actually looking for  “chlorophyll” and chloroform kept popping up.

Yup, it looks like Cindy was fibbing. Lying to protect her daughter; a daughter who many think killed her own child,  a daughter that perhaps lied about being molested by her father,  a daughter who most of America sees as a monster. But all monsters, they have moms – moms who will do anything to protect their young no matter what.

Let’s say that your offspring performed an unforgivable act, could you, would you still do anything to protect them? How far would you go? Would you lie in a court of law?

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