Did T.V. Save a Kid's Life?


beware-thin-iceThe oft-demonized reality television just may be responsible for saving a teen’s life.  13-year-old Joseph Clopton was playing on Walden Pond in Shawnee, KS yesterday afternoon, when, against his big brother’s warning, he skated into the middle of the pond.  You guessed it… the ice cracked and fell into the water, bringing Joseph with it.

The boys regularly watch “Man Vs. Wild” on the Discovery Channel and credit the show with teaching them how to keep Joseph safe until help arrived.

“He stood still for a while because it kept cracking,”  15-year-old Jacob Clopton said. “I thought he was going under … That was on “Man Vs. Wild” because it doesn’t break the ice if you’re still. The ice doesn’t break off.”

Firefighters pulled Joseph out of shoulder-deep water within ten minutes.  His dangerously low body temperature (91 degrees) was quickly remedied, but a healthy fear from the incident remains.

“Don’t go out on ice, it’s not funny at all,” Joseph said. “It could break and you can die.

I know that reality t.v. traditionally gets a bad rap, but I wonder how many shows have actually helped people.  Any stories out there?