Did You Dump Go Daddy Today?


You’ve likely heard about domain and web hosting company Go Daddy‘s current troubles; they briefly threw their support through the Stop Online Piracy Act, commonly known as SOPA, the most reviled potential bit of legislation by everyone that loves the internet (to read the full story, go here). When the heat turned up on Go Daddy, they decided that they didn’t actually “support” SOPA as much as they didn’t “oppose it.”

This stance lasted only a few more days as the heat got even hotter, and Go Daddy eventually decided that they, in fact, ARE opposed to SOPA  —but that came only AFTER they noticed a spike in domain transfers. From an statement by Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman:

“We have observed a spike in domain name transfers, which are running above normal rates and which we attribute to GoDaddy’s prior support for SOPA, which was reversed. Go Daddy opposes SOPA because the legislation has not fulfilled its basic requirement to build a consensus among stake-holders in the technology and Internet communities. Our company regrets the loss of any of our customers, who remain our highest priority, and we hope to repair those relationships and win back their business over time.”

Too little, too late, unfortunately. Today was declared Dump Go Daddy Day.

Go Daddy has been in plenty of trouble before; they’ve been widely accused of being incredibly sexist in their ad campaigns. Then of course earlier this year was the lovely video of the CEO of Go Daddy hunting an elephant. So they really didn’t need any more bad publicity this year. It will be interesting to see how many customers they lose today (December 29, 2011).

So, did you make the move today? Are you considering it? If you need help knowing how to move domains, this article can help. Good luck!

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