Did You See ‘The Oogieloves this Weekend? If So, Youre Pretty Much the Only One

Yay! We made history!

I’m no film expert, but I could have told the movie studio that produced “The Oogielovies in the BIG Balloon Adventure” that perhaps their time and money were spent elsewhere. Anywhere else, to be exact.

The kid movie, which opened last Wednesday with zero fanfare, went on to do very, very badly over the weekend?

How bad could it have been? That bad.

It earned an average of just $207 per screen in the just over 2,000 theaters in which it was shown.

It’s total weekend box office take? $448,131.

Entertainment Weekly estimates that comes out to roughly 30 people per theater — total — over the course of three days. It is now the film with the worst opening box office numbers in history.

The film stars unforgettable characters named Toofie, Zoozie and Goobie and cost a now-memorable $20 million to produce and $40 million to market.

The brain behind the film was also the man responsible for “The Teletubbies.” Which just goes to show that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place.

Thank goodness.

Did you see ‘The Oogieloves’ this weekend?

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