Did YouTube Mom Go too Far?

In today’s post-Dooce world, it seems like everything our kids do is fodder for online entertainment. But even if they’re heartbreakingly cute, kids still deserve a little privacy.  Take this poor kiddo, upset that her family’s upcoming move to Japan would separate her from Stephen, 15-year-old love of her life.

On Buzzfeed, this video went viral with the tag “cute.” But I don’t think it’s cute, I think it’s really sad. Here’s a little girl bereft, struggling over the massive life changes coming her way. She needs a hug, not 17,000+ hits on YouTube.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. On Buzzfeed, people wrote comments like:

You find your young daughter distraught over the impending loss of a friend, you:
A. Hug her, console her, and tell her it will be OK.
B. Bake her some cookies
C. Make her relive her trauma on camera for the amusement of strangers over the Internet. We’re sorry, but C was not the correct answer. Would you like to try again?

This is great. Just what every child needs. I wish my mother had recorded my most personal childhoods moments and spun them out into the world for everyone to see.

Who needs a compassionate, comforting, motherly hug when you’ve got a finely crafted Carl Zeiss lens stuck in your face, right? It hurt to watch this, and not in an “aww, it’s so cute” way. It just hurt.

Hannah’s mom, YouTube user heatherfife explains that her daughter had been inconsolable for two hours, so she picked up the camera to record the breakdown “for posterity.”

Kids today are definitely being raised in a put-everything-out-there kind of world, so maybe Hannah will watch this one day and laugh. And some videos that go viral, like David After Dentist, are cute.  But this one just give me the creeps.

Do you think that parents sometimes go to far posting videos of their kids to YouTube?

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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