Didn't Know You Were Pregnant? Get on TV


pregnant-belly1Surprise births are the name of the game at Discovery Health’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” and with all the stories that pop up here on Strollerderby, is it any wonder they’re heading into their third season and still going strong?

The show also covers parents who are surprised by a twin birth, women who have given birth in the middle of a bridal shower. The folks at Discovery Health want to hear from Babble readers who want to be on the show or know a story that might fit the bill.

So who are they looking for? Anyone who fits the following criteria:

  • A mom who has a baby while on a plane train or automobile
  • A surprise birth in unusal place; work, a store, mall, toilet or fairgrounds, amusement parks
  • A surprise birth as I went in for surgery and came out with a baby.
  • A surprise adoption story, think way outside the box for this one.
Want in? Contact Mona at Mike Mathis Productions: mona[at] and let us know how it goes. Do you have a story you think would fit the bill?

Image: daquella manera

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