Digital Family Summit: A New Conference For The Youngest Bloggers


Has your blogging inspired your kids to get into the blogging game? If you so, you’ll be happy to hear about the newest conference to hit the circuit The Digital Family Summit.

Why a blogging and social media conference for families?

The Digital Family Summit was created when we realized that many of our kids, nieces, nephews and friends’ kids were getting more and more engaged in creating blogs, digital video, Etsy storefronts, pinboards on Polyvore and Pinterest, and tweeting and Facebooking up a storm.  These digital natives seem to live and breathe on the Internet some of us parents can keep up; others have tried, but thrown up our hands and cried “uncle.”

The Digital Family Summit is a place where tweens/teens and parents at all levels of digital activity can come together to learn and grow as individuals and as a family.

The brainchild of Stephanie Schwab, founder of the social media and marketing agency Crackerjack Marketing, along with her co-founders Adam Gertsacov and Jennie Baird, this conference promises to tackle all the usual subjects of a blogging conference with an extra dose of internet safety.

Featuring many well known speakers from the mom blogging community (including, ahem, me), the conference also has a large number of teens and tweens that are experienced bloggers speaking, including the rather amazing young woman Adora Svitak who delivered a TED talk at the ripe age of twelve (TWELVE! Oh my GOD, I die).

The conference will be held June 28th through 30th in Philadelphia (which happens to be my home town). Registration ranges from $299 to over $1000 depending on the number of people attending. There will be sessions perfect for both adults and tween/teens.

The conference is the newest member of the Associated Media event empire which includes the Mom 2.0 Summit and the Dad 2.0 Summit as well. If you’re interested, be sure to visit their webpage and I’ll see you there!

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