Dirty Diapers Forced Plane to Land…Yeah, That Happened.

Dirty Diaper Takes Down Plane

Okay, yes, dirty diapers can be a wee bit offensive to our orifices. But can a diaper have such a bad odor that it forces a commercial plane to unexpectedly change it’s planes and make a emergency landing?

Yes, yes it can. That’s just what happened to a Qantas flight 825.

The plane was on its’ way from Darwin to Brisbane. Things were going smoothly until passengers started to complain about a very strange (and bad) smell. The Huffington Post stated that, “Qantas procedures dictate that the plane land as soon as possible,” in the case of mysterious odors.  The plane made an emergency landing at the Mt. Isa airport, an airport that was not built to handle such a big plane as a 767. Over the next two hours, the 160 passengers were lifted off the plane by a forklift, five at a time. A new plane was dispatched and the passengers finally got to their destination.

The culprit?  “Unfortunately the fumes turned out to be a very smelly nappy dumped in the fwd toilet.”  Yes. A dirty diaper did all that.

Image: Travelpod

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