Disney Princess Trend is Undead


Parents, no one needs to tell you that the obsessions of our children are not always shared by us. But sometimes the hip and cool doth protest too much.

What’s with all the Disney Princess “art” that’s really just an excuse to play dress up? What else do you call this:


Somebody had some fun. From Undead Cosplay’s Deviant Art page, the Zombie princesses (and princes) are making their way around the Internet to the delight of Disney haters the world over.

And again we say – they’re a little over-exuberant.

Because the Disney princesses getting nasty, the princesses falling on hard times and the undead all betray a fascination with the princesses mystique – love it or hate it. Granted, they certainly add some much needed hilarity for us parents – and for that, Undead Cosplay, et al, we thank you from the bottom of our Hannah Montana-d out hearts.

But that doesn’t make you cooler than us. Sorry.

Image: Undead Cosplay

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