Disney Princesses Get the Zombie Treatment in Spooky Images

Zombie disney princesses
Zombie Disney Princesses

Zombies are red hot right now, so why not give Disney princesses the living dead treatment?

Check this out – Miguel Gutierrez re-imagined some of our favorite Disney princesses, zombie style, and it’s pretty darn cool.

We’ve seen the Disney gals and the Disney princes get the cover girl and cover boy treatment, but the zombie Disney princesses have a decidedly darker look.

Still, they manage to maintain some of their original beauty.

Check out Gutierrez’s full collection of nightmarish zombie princesses my favorite is Ariel with that zombie-fied mermaid tail!

He also includes “Zombieland” on each image as a shout out to “Disneyland.”

What do you think? Creepy… or cool?

image: flickr

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