Dispatches From the Parent ‘Hood: Top Tweets ‘O The Week

Tweet tweet, bitches.

It’s that time again.

Another hilarious round of Top Tweets ‘O The Week, she said in her best game show voice.

If kid-wrangling has you down this week or if it’s the hangover that has you down due to the large amounts of alcohol you consume to make it through the dinner hour – take heart!

You aren’t alone.

Sit back, relax and enjoy reveling in the humorous pain of other parents going through the same thing.

  • @BuddyFaceHead 1 of 12
  • @dooce 2 of 12
  • @robdelaney 3 of 12
  • @TheJamieLee 4 of 12
  • @FilthyRichmond 5 of 12
  • @nayele18 6 of 12
  • @JimGaffigan 7 of 12
  • @DawgLover2K12 8 of 12
  • @DannyZuker 9 of 12
  • @Finslippy 10 of 12
  • @Sofriedchildren 11 of 12
  • twitter-12 12 of 12

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Dispatches From the Parent ‘Hood: Top Tweets ‘O’ The Week

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