Do Pat Downs at Airport Security Go Too Far? (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Airport Security Flickr via Sharmanic Shift

The irony of the situation hit me like a punch in the gut.  The very same week TSA is to adjust their pat down policy on children, I have an experience that leaves me in tears.

For years I have sailed through airport security.  For the past ten years of airport travel, I have smiled and nodded, removed my shoes, every ounce of jewelry, my sunglasses, belts and, of course, all liquids tucked neatly in a clear plastic bag.

I didn’t love the idea of the body scanners.  I read the reports.  I studied the X-Ray information.  I’ve seen the pictures released to the public of what can be seen, and though there is an element that makes me uncomfortable, in the name of safety, I didn’t object.

But today?  After the most invasive pat down I have experienced, I DO OBJECT. And here’s why:


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