Do Social Media Job Campaigns Really Work? A Look at


These days it seems like everyone in the mom blogosphere is clamoring to land a job in social media. But what about using social media to land a job? It seems that a select few digital media enthusiasts are separating themselves from the generic job pool by launching personal social media job campaigns.

I first learned of the idea when I met the author of the Hire Me, Martha blog back in 2010 when we were invited to be guests in the audience of a “blogger edition” of the Martha Stewart Show.  Well, it seems that the personal social media job campaign trend has just been taken to another level with the recent launch of:  Dear Lisa

The sole purpose of the site, in the words of the site’s creator, Lindsay Blackwell, is “to get [herself] hired as the first social media director at the University of Michigan.”  The entire campaign is directed at “Lisa Rudgers” who is the Vice President of Communications for the University of Michigan.  When you first land on the site, you are welcomed by a clean, sharp, quiet and quirky video addressed to Ms. Rudgers explaining who Lindsay is  — her background, interests, social media skills, a glimpse at her professional accomplishments and an invitation to learn more about her.  Of course, the entire site is shareable and you can even send your own ‘letter’ to Lisa Rudgers on Twitter with the click of a button.  It seems that Lindsay has been able to demonstrate her knowledge of every imaginable social media tool, even creating a hashtag for the campaign (#dearlisa).

No news yet of whether Lindsay’s landed the job (although she is sharing real-time updates), but I’m willing to bet that she’s made quite an impression on someone, somewhere looking for an innovative social media enthusiast who’s willing to think outside of the box.  Case in point: she’s already getting good press for it, what more could the Wolverines ask for?