Do You Have An Awesome Twitter Profile?


Do you edit your Twitter profile on the regular or did you knock yours out of the park the first time around and have never had to look back? I struggle with this from time to time.  I see so many well-written, funny, and intriguing Twitter profiles and I often feel the pressure to revise mine.  Blame it on fear or just plain unoriginality, but my profile always ends up being a straight-forward description of who I am and what I do. “Lifestyle blogger…Founder…Social Media Personality…” BORING!  So, when I recently learned of Maria Schembari’s Well-Written Twitter Bios series, I was all over it.

She gives several examples of great Twitter bios: they’re unique, interesting and not at all run-of-the-mill or wordy.

I really like the takeaways that she shares for writing a great profile:

1. A few choice words can make all the difference. Take a page out of Steph’s half-eaten book (see what I did there? I crack myself up) and stay away from over-used descriptions when talking about yourself.

2. What’s a really obvious stereotype about your industry/job/passion? Are you an accountant? Poke fun at the fact that you’re not absurdly boring. Social media strategist? Mention you’re sure as hell not a guru/ninja. Make like Staples and stand out from the crowd by being good-natured about the judgments surrounding what you do.

3. Do you have a specific writing style? Do you swear a lot? Have a rad vocabulary skills? Write poetry? Translate that strong style Ý  la Isa Chandra so that voice shines in your bio!

I would also add this to Schembari’s mix: in addition to having your voice shine through and being light-hearted, I do think that your Twitter profile should convey certain details about you so that brands and potential clients or business partners can get a concrete feel for who you are and what you do without much research (if generating business is part of the reason why you’re on Twitter).

What’s your take on Twitter profiles?

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