Do You Have Family Pride?


throwbeadsJune is Gay Pride Month and much as I always plan to mark it festively, until I had children, I consistently failed to rise to the occasion.  The last time I participated in any kind of Pride event was the 2000 Millennial March on Washington.  And it was easy, because I lived close enough to the events to pretty much step off my curb and be there.

In contradiction to the prevalent image of gay life, being a lesbian is just about as mundane as being anything else.  Add small children and we queers are virtually indistinguishable from anyone else wearing banana-smeared capris and a v-neck tee-shirt.  And though I’ve never been one to say “but I’m just like everyone else!” the sad truth is, I pretty much am.

Nevertheless, here comes Gay Pride again and now the elder daughter is old enough to fully appreciate a parade full of strapping boys eager to boost her to their shoulders and cover her in Mardi Gras beads.  Sleeping through Pride this year feels a bit like skipping a kindergartner’s first dance recital.  So my partner and I are off to march with a group of friends, stroller at the ready, 2 and 4-year old daughters in tow, next Saturday afternoon.

How about you?  Has having kids changed your plans for the Pride season?  Anybody out there marching with kneebiters?  Here’s a preview of what to expect from some families who’ve already marched this year:

If you’re in Chicago, come wave us on from the sidelines!

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