Do You Let Your Children See Your Facebook Profile?


For the most part my Facebook profile is rather open (to those I’ve friended) because my personal profile is used as a professional platform for me as well (I have yet to create lists and manage subscribers and separate personal and professional posts, but I plan to).

I realize not everyone uses Facebook the same way, and perhaps there are things on your wall that you wouldn’t want your children to see.  However, I was surprised to see that 46% of the moms in this study said they do not give their children full access to their profile.

I usually go by the mantra that anything I write online will eventually be seen by my mother and my children at some point, and try to do everything with that in mind. I keep *most* of my inappropriate jokes and musings to private conversations.  My kids are still too young to be on Facebook in my opinion, though I’ve seen plenty of other parents allowing their tweens to have their own accounts.

I also full access to my mom’s wall — and I wonder, is this something just my generation is doing…the limiting of Facebook from their children thing?  It looks like a lot of moms are more secretive on Facebook.

Are there really that many mothers on Facebook that have secrets or wild behavior they are posting online?

Do you allow your kids access to your profile?



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