Do You Reward Your Kids For Good Grades? (Or Punish For Bad?) (Video)

Photo Credit: Stock Exchange Kikashi

My sweet girl is a smart one.  So says the somewhat braggy mommy.  But that doesn’t mean she won’t have some subjects that come more easily than others.  And therefore some that are a bit more challenging.  I won’t tell you I believe either of my kids will sail through their classes with straight ‘A’s’…..  but I CAN tell you I won’t be tolerating ‘F’s’ either.  So, where is the middle ground?  Don’t be a smart-aleck and say, ‘C’s’ because we don’t want report cards filled with those either….

Now that my oldest is in 2nd grade — and she is seeing ‘letter grades’ for the first time — we’re talking about A’s and B’s for the first time.  And we’re really addressing what those grades really mean.  And the effort and significance we (her parents) have always associated with them.

She has been doing fairly well so far, but an email from her teacher today prompted this video.  And now I want to know….do you reward or punish based on grades?