Do You Think in Blog Posts?


When your kid does something adorable, do you immediately start writing a blog post about it in your mind?  When the barrista at the coffee shop messes up your latte order, does a tweet materialize in your head? When a deer runs across the street in your neighborhood, is your first thought to Instagram it for Facebook? If so, welcome to the club.

My name is Justice Fergie, and I think in blog posts.

It’s true. I do. And really, it’s not my fault.  After five years of blogging weekly, my mind naturally looks for, and converts most things into, fodder for my blogs and social networks.  Thinking like this makes posting easier (sometimes), and helps with writer’s block (sometimes), but it also makes me feel (sometimes) like my life is a bit like The Truman Show.  Can’t I just be present in the moment? Can’t I just enjoy the funny joke or touching event or be happy with the picture taken in my mind?

My daughter was giving her Halloween costume a “test-drive” this evening and after she got all dressed up with her costume on she said: “Aren’t you going to take a picture with your phone Mom?” And I actually hadn’t event thought of it — for once — I was too busy enjoying the moment.  But…since she mentioned it…I snapped a quick pic.

I might need to start a support group for this.