Do Your Non-Tech Savvy Friends Make You Crazy?


At first, I worried that if I posted this, my Internet-impaired friends might be offended. Then I realized – they’ll probably never even see it! I love them. They know I do. But let’s just say that it’s really a riot being close friends with someone who, say, only checks her email when you call and tell her to, or someone who, say, calls you once a year to find ask how to login to her blog because she hasn’t logged in in over a year and “can’t find it.” Again. Hypothetically of course.

For someone like me who spends 95% of her day online, working online, socializing online, checking email countless times, updating on Facebook and learning of the latest news on Twitter, it’s a head trip to get on the phone with your friend who hasn’t the foggiest what Pinterest is.  And, explaining it to her would be exhausting for the both of you, so you don’t bother.

Naturally, this type of disconnect occurs in any kind of relationship where one party is into a certain thing and the other isn’t.  It could be a genre of music or an extreme sport or one could be a vegan; to the other, that person might as well be speaking Greek when they start waxing on about their interests.  The lesson is that we love our friends because they might have different interests – it’s what makes them interesting.  It’s also what helps to broaden our own minds.

At least that’s what I have to keep reminding myself when I get a 15 MESSAGE LONG TEXT from a dear friend who thinks it’s totally normal to write an email-length message into her smartphone.

Hypothetically, of course.

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