Does Bieber's Paternity Drama Confirm That All 'Baby Mamas' Are Crazy?

Baby mama drama: Careless or Crazy?

The woman who accused Justin Bieber of being the father of her three-month-old has dropped her suit against the star, reportedly re-thinking her stance after he released a statement saying he’d take a DNA test to prove she’s lying and then sue her for defamation. Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but if you weren’t 100% sure that the rich, powerful, famous guy you are accusing of being your baby’s father really IS the father… wouldn’t you drop the whole thing? At least until you’d have a paternity test and rule out all the other possible fathers?

I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but clearly this 10th-grade drop out, bench warrant-avoiding, ex-boyfriend slapping, alleged window-smashing, 20-year-old baby mama is a total nut job.  Because if you were going to target someone famous for a paternity suit, wouldn’t it make more sense to pick someone that it wouldn’t be a crime to have sex with? Bieber’s only 17, for crying out loud!

All of which makes me wonder: Is every woman who accidentally gets pregnant crazy? Or just the ones that lie about it being accidental?

I’m not just basing this on the whack-jobs that make headlines with their accusations. I have believed this for years because I have three male friends that have been ensnared by women and, yes, I will use the word “ensnared” to describe any woman who assures a man that she can’t get pregnant because 1.) she suffers from a mysterious illness that only gives her five more years to live (as if), 2.) tells an ex-boyfriend shortly after break-up sex that “Oh, by the way, I stopped taking birth control when we ended things” (oh no she didn’t) or 3.) takes the condom off a man in the middle of sex while telling him not to worry about it (what man has the willpower to stop at that point?).

And guess who got primary custody of all the children in question. The dads. Because the mothers really were unfit to raise the children and they fought to get custody of their children so they could raise them the way they believed they should be. I hope that, in at least two of the scenarios, medication has helped the women get their lives back on track, but their mental state at the time of conception was not in any place close to what I would call healthy.

On the flip-side, I have a girlfriend who accidentally got pregnant, like for-real-accidental, very soon after starting to date a guy in grad school and then ended up marrying him and having two more kids (full disclosure: they divorced after nine years). I never asked for gory details on how the accident happened, but I always assumed alcohol played a prominent role.

I know it’s not a stretch, nor original, to say that Yeater is crazy, but when paternity issues come up like the Bieber one, it is a sobering reminder of just how much power a woman can wield with her uterus. And when a mentally unstable woman starts using her power to create life as a way to control a man and get a big payday or eighteen years of child support, it absolutely makes me scared to tears for my three sons.

It feels wrong to criticize my own sex, but you better believe that I will be warning my teenaged boys to steer clear of the crazy girls and always, always, always use a condom — no matter what the girl says about her own birth control methods — if he is having sex with someone he’s not willing to be attached to for life.

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