Does Dr. Phil Get the Truth Out of Cindy & George Anthony?

The Anthonys on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is banking that people still want to know the truth about what happened to Caylee Anthony but most of the public’s attention has moved on to Hurricane Irene, New York City earthquakes and the wedding of Kris Kardashian. But Dr. Phil is teasing those who are still intrigued by the sensational story with ads for his exclusive interview with Cindy and George Anthony airing on September 12th.

In a clip from the show Dr. Phil boldly says to the grieving grandparents…“There are millions of people that want to shake you awake,” the TV doc says to Cindy.  “You know the truth, don’t you.”

In the promo the Anthony’s are completely silent, not a word in uttered by them. Will they really spill the beans, the beans they apparently no one has heard before.  Is Dr. Phil too late on this one? Would you tune in?

Check out the promo for the episode right here:

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